22 maart 2023
Klimaatbeleid duurder en gevaarlijker dan klimaatverandering

Holland Gold interview van Paul Buitink en Sven Kuijpers met Marcel Crok (Clintel)

Wat zijn de kosten en baten van de energietransitie?
Is de energietransitie een rationeel antwoord op klimaatverandering?

2 maart 2023
Klimaatcrisis: echt of niet?
Diepgaande analyse van de achtergronden van het klimaatalarmisme
The Trueman Swow 109 – Gesprek tussen Marcel Crok (Clintel) en Jorn Luka

Eigenlijk gaat het gesprek niet over de climaatcrisis, maar over de achtergronden van klimaatalarmisme:
Wat is het historisch perspectief?
Hoe is het ontstaan?
Welke krachten spelen op de achtergrond?
Wat is de rol van de wetenschap?
Welke rol speelt de pers?
Wat zijn de hardnekkige misverstanden over klimaatverandering?

Tijdens het gesprek worden veel nuttige boeken genoemd waarmee nog meer inzicht verkregen kan worden.

Zie de vorige twee lezingen [15, Nederlands, Crok] en [14, Happer, Engels] voor uitleg over de stand van de klimaatwetenschap en de werkelijke invloed van CO2.

29 december, 2022
Er is geen klimaatcrisis!
Klimaatverandering: dit zijn de feiten
Lezing van Marcel Crok (Clintel)

Marcel Crok bespreekt de wetenschappelijke feiten over klimaatverandering door CO2, en legt uit wat de waarnemingen ons vertellen over de voor- en nadelen van ene hogere CO2 concentratie.

See video [14] for a lecture by Will Happer about the physics of the greenhouse effect

December 3rd, 2021
How to think about climate change
Lecture by William Happer, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study
Organised by Clintel

William Happer is one of the very few recognised top scientists with a solid background in physics and in the radiation properties of CO2 in the atmosphere.

He explains that science acknowledges that CO2 – in itself – is warming the atmosphere: probably less than 1 degree Celsius per doubling of CO2 concentration.
Higher “climate sensitivity” for CO2 cannot be made plausible by science, and climate is far too complicated to assume that a theoretical warming “in itself” will also translate to this amount of warming in reality.

The lecture explains the physics of the greenhouse effect to laymen, and also points out the great advantages of the rising CO2 concentration for nature and food crops.


27 Oktober, 2021
“What does IPCC AR6 say on Scenarios and Extreme Weather?”
By Dr Roger Pielke, Jr

Dr Pielke assesses the detection and attribution of extreme weather events by the IPCC in AR6, and shows that the prevalent use of RPC 8.5 in almost alle IPCC assessments has lead to huge exaggeration of the expected effects of climate change.

Organised by the Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF)

23 september 2021
By Marijn Poels

See the trailer

For subtitling other than in English  (Deutsch, Nederlands, Swedish, English) see original version here 

Already the fifth documentary by Marijn Poels about the energy transition. This time about the corruption behind wind energy in Sweden, that British engineer Alexander Pohl discovered when wind forms started popping up deep in the Swedish forests around him, powering Google data centers in Finland.

(See [4], [9], [10] and [11] for his first four documentaries about climate and the energy transition)

April 15th, 2021
Het goede doel heiligt de middelen
By Marijn Poels

New documentary by former left wing activist Marijn Poels, who tries to find out how anti-agriculture NGO’s are financed and motivated.
(with a.o.  Postcodeloterij, Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten, Natuur & Milieu)
With a.o. Syp Wynia and Jaap Hanekamp

(See [4], [9] and [10] for his trilogy about climate and the energy transition)

September 17, 2020
Return to Eden
By Marijn Poels

Last documentary in a trilogy by former left wing activist Marijn Poels, who tries to find out what powers are behind the climate change scare and the forced move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

In this third one he shows the dire consequences for nature and rural farming.

Judith Curry: “With ‘Return to Eden’ Marijn Poels establishes himself as an important voice in our quest for living in harmony with nature”

See [4] and [9] for parts 1 and 2

July 1, 2020
By Marijn Poels

Second documentary in a trilogy by former left wing activist Marijn Poels, who tries to find out what powers are behind the climate change scare and the forced move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
In this second one he shows the necessity to cherish contrarians in all parts of society, especially in science, in order to prevent dangerous group think and to remain balanced as a society.

See [4] and [10] for parts 1 and 3

April 21, 2020
Planet of the Humans
By Michael Moore

Shocking movie by left wing activist Michael Moore, about the damage done to the landscape by renewable sources, and the ties between climate activists and big capital behind the sustainable energy industry, especially the biomass  industry.

March 13, 2019
Cafe Weltschmerz interview, Amsterdam
Over het rapport “Het raadsel van de verdwenen hittegolven”
Marcel Crok wordt geïnterviewd door Rico Brouwer

Tot 2016 was er geen stijgende trend in het aantal hittegolven in De Bilt van 1900 tot 2000.
Maar in 2016 blijkt het KNMI de temperaturen in De Bilt van voor 1950 sterk omlaag bijgesteld te hebben, waardoor het aantal hittegolven in de tweede helft van de vorige eeuw opeens enorm lijkt te steigen.
Deze bijstelling blijkt niet te verantwoorden, wanneer met de data van vele omliggende weerstations onderzoekt.

March 7, 2019
National De-Greening day, Planetarium Amsterdam
Organised by De Groene Rekenkamer
“How sensitive is the climate to greenhouse gases? ” by Nic Lewis

Although climate models are predicting over 3 C warming if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced to zero in 30 years, the observations tell us that climate is far less sensitive to CO2 than assumed in the climate models. This means that even with a doubling of our emissions by 2080, global warming is likely to stay under 2 C in 2100.

March 7, 2019
National De-Greening day, Planetarium Amsterdam
Organised by De Groene Rekenkamer
“What will climate change really cost us?” by Richard Tol

Consequences of climate change are far more felt by poor people than by richer people, because it is easy to adapt  to change if you have the financial means to do so.  This curve is so steep, that climate change policies increase the damage by climate change done to poor people, by making energy more expensive and reducing economical growth.

March 8, 2017
Documentary by Marijn Poels
“The uncertainty has settled”

First documentary in a trilogy by former left wing activist Marijn Poels, who tries to find out what powers are behind the climate change scare and the forced move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
The energy transition is having dramatic consequences for rural life in Germany, as Marijn Poels finds out when visiting his wife’s parents.
What are the reasons for this energy policy, and are the climate arguments valid?
A quest for answers by a left wing activist, that leaves him even more confused than he was, before starting the recording of the documentary.

See [9] and [10] for parts 2 and 3

April 17, 2015
International symposium on thorium molten salt reactors
Organised by Environment, Science & Policy Foundation (Stichting Milieu, Wetenschap & Beleid), TU Delft, and KIVI Nuclear Technology
Location: AULA TU Delft
Announcement and program

Lectures in video report (separated by white dot above timeline):
Morning: the science of thorium MSR

10:00 Welcome – Tim van der Hagen (DUT)
10:05 Jan Leen Kloosterman (DUT), The concepts and physics of MSR
10:30 Jilt Sietsma (DUT), Materials issues for MSR
10:50 Rudy Konings (EC/JRC/ITU), Challenges in fuel salt chemistry for MSR
11:30 Kirk Sorensen (Flibe), Design and state of FLIBE reactor
12:10 Dave Leblanc (Terrestrial Energy), Design and state of TE reactor, TE/ORNL project
Afternoon: Thorium MSR general information
14:00 David Martin (AWF), The history of MSR and visionary approach of Alvin Weinberg
14:30 Rory o’Sullivan (EPD), Serious initiatives on MSR, and Chinese MSR policy
15:00 Leslie Dewan (TAP), The TAP reactor as nuclear waste burner, Design and state of TAP reactor
15:40 Jorrit Swaneveld (Hanzehogeschool), Barriers and Drivers for MSR technology
15:55 Jan Leen Kloosterman (DUT), The thorium molten salt reactor, TU Delft MSR projects
16:20 Closure – Tim van der Hagen (DUT)

May 2010
Heartland ICCC4 climate conference, Chicago
“The Tropical Thunderstorm Thermostat Hypothesis” by Willis Eschenbach

Far reaching hypothesis, explaining how the earth managed to stay accurately at the same temperature (+/- 3%) for billions of years, despite huge changes in incoming energy and huge geological changes.

March 8, 2007
Broadcasted on British Channel 4.
“The Great Global Warming Swindle”

Surprisingly accurate documentary featuring scientists challenging the claims from the movie “The Inconvenient Truth”by All Gore.