General Science
Google searches for a specific topic quite often brought me to, where everybody can ask questions and get answers from other visitors of the site. Especially the outrageous questions are funny, and tend to produce very interesting answers. There is of course no guarantee that the answers are valid!
But in some fields you get answers from the real experts, like the US  space program.

Because there was a lot of bad info on climate and energy, I started to react on that, and quite soon I was asked by those looking for an answer to help out and give my view. I try to be brief, informing and entertaining. It is a bit like writing very short blogs. So I answered over 150 Quora questions already.

Climate Science
I am an academically educated engineer. That does not make me a scientist: academic engineers are educated to assess science and determine which part can be used in real life, and which part needs a lot more studying; and then translate scientific theory into technological reality. However, sometimes you need to really dig into science to get a good understanding.
So I did in my ClimateTheory project, and I started ScienceTalks, a website for discussion about other hypotheses about climate science. The introduction to both Climate Theory and Science Talks can be found under the Climate tab)

Earth Magnetic Field Reversal Theory
(My apoligies that the tekst is still in Dutch, but Google translate does quite a good job!)

As a part of this climate project I went to a presentation by the Dean of Delft TU at the time, professor Jacob Fokkema, a geophysisist, about continental drift and magnetic field reversals. When I asked him during the break what the energy source was behind the field and the reversals, he confessed that science does not know. Walking back to my seat I got an idea that I discussed with him after the second part of his lecture.
He was very positive about it, so I went home and spent the rest of the night writing it down (the Theory).

In the months after that I gathered proof and data, which led to the Toelichting Theory.

Finally I wrote a report on the existing theory about the emergence of the magnetic field, which in my opinion is flawed, and suggested the existance of a third form of magnetism: fluid metal friction magnetism.

Stichting Milieu Wetenschap & Beleid  –  The Environment, Science & Policy Foundation
I started this foundation originally as the legal entity behind the Climate Dialogue project, but after the government took over the project, the foundation was used as legal entity for funding many projects that were in line with the formulated goals. At the start mainly supporting critical journalism and research journalism, but later on also funding other projects like the thorium conference at TU Delft, or participating in films like “The Uncertainty has settled” by Marijn Poels.
Recently the foundation is also facilitating several objective and critical websites, some of which are still under development and will be online later this year.