After one year of studying Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology I switched to Industrial Design, at that time the first academic design study as far as I know. Right after my study I started a design & engineering bureau, together with my friends René Bubberman, Jeroen van Erp and Erwin Zwart. We all still work in our own departments at Fabrique, and we still love to design really good stuff!

Aluminium Profile System Engineering
My personal special expertise is in aluminium profile system design. Most of our projects benefit from that, and I also have been giving the course on this subject for the Dutch Aluminium Center for 16 years now.

LION optics
Quite recently I started a new company that is developing really sophisticated optical instruments for professionals.
It is my first webshop, so who knows what else I will sell on it! There are so many ideas begging to be developed and produced, and finally I have the means to do so, if I feel like it!