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Welcome to my personal site!

It is not so much a site about me, as well an archive of the subjects that I have worked on and at some moment decided to make public.

The site is still under construction, but most of the chapters are more or less complete. I still need to clean up some pages and add better illustrations, for instance in the pyramid story. And unfortunately not everything is in English yet. I apologise! I especially regret that my earth magnetic field reversal theory has not been translated yet.  I should hire a geology student to do so! (Seriously, contact me if you’re interested!)

Have fun looking around, and if you feel like making any comments, let me know at: .

Regards, Theo

Why on earth is there a website

You may know the feeling you get when after a few years of being busy on all kinds of subjects, often just for fun, the bills for all the sites that you have started start piling up, even when you don’t do anything with them, and hardly anyone ever visits them? And then the oldest sites start to get hacked because the software is outdated and you do not have a clue what to do about it?

This means one thing only: time to seek professional help! To my rescue came Berrie Pelser of Ber|Art , who has built this site for me, and managed to rebuild all other sites, as independent sites or as a part of this site, but all with new and well protected software. Which he will keep updated and safe at all times forever. I love Berrie!

On top of that we switched to WP + Fusion so my possibilities increased, and we are in the process of adding interaction to the sites that would benefit from it.

By the way: not all sites that this site links to are (still) mine, but I am (or have been) involved in them enough to refer to them here.

I am very happy that I don’t have to worry about a thing anymore.
But I also enjoy the easy way to direct people to any subject that I have worked on. No spelling of difficult URL’s on the phone anymore, just go to my personal site and for instance look for “climate theory” under “climate”. Easy to explain!